Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Maver match this qualifier barston

Well I booked on this match a few months ago after selling some old gear. Was my 3rd big money qualifier of the year.on arrival was a bit over whelmed with the size of the lake never fished anywhere that big!!!i must say it was stunning. So bit of banter with ray bass and a quick look at the lake. Waiting for the draw needed a go on me puffer so went outside and bumped into James dent said hello then lee Kerry appeared from knowhere so I nodded and said mr Kerry !!!!!
Any way back in the que maver man Andy kinder in front and ray said where do u wanna draw and he said 124 so then he's picked a much lower number out and I've pulled 124 and showed him he said good luck u gotta chance from there.. no pressure then !!!

There it is end peg with a lot of unfishable water to the right. Didn't get the pole out had 4 rods set up pellet wag long method short bomb and cage feeder!!! I had a whole host of baits made up gb micro 8mm pellet caster 6mm pellet worm and corn. But I could see fish moving just off the end of the right hand bank which juts out a fair way. At the all in I've chucked the pellet wag at the fish about 25 to 30 m and pinging 8mms like a machine. But didn't have a bite 10 mins ray king next door netted a lump on the wag. I thought sod this il keep pinging and chuck the bomb over it 8mm pellet wrapped in speacial g green paste conker style 3 mins and it wrapped round come on played it gently and eventually eased a nice plump 8 pounder in the net so that settled the nerves and eased the pressure. I pretty much did not stop feeding 8mms with the catty on this line. Next chuck skimmer skimmer then carp carp carp it just kept going round and they fight like stink in the first hour I put just under 40 pound in the net I thought this is it😎😎but bites slowed up a lil bit then not too bad tho I was getting weird little bites then all of a sudden had a proper wrap round and it felt big just plodding around then at the net a proper munter popped up it barely fitted in the net it was around 18 to 22 pound I had to wrestle with it in my landing net to get the hook out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚anyway the bites seemed to take forever and I thought if it don't go round il go long method but it just kept going round from 12oz to 3 pound skimmers small f1 s around 2 pound which one of them I turned round to get more pellet turned back and me rod was being pulled off the rest and carp from 2 to 12 pound. Absolutely awesome me and the chap next door had some good banter all day asking how much we had on are clickers and commenting about splashing carp. I did lose 3 fish one of which tore off left into his peg but I couldn't do anything about it. Another one hook pulled and the last one just went like a steam train to the right and snapped my hooklength😑😑😑with 10 mins left I didnt want to waste anytime putting a new one on so tried to chuck the Dutch master short which was a task in itself but dropped it in where I was feeding all day and it went round 2 more times for another 6pound in the net.
At the all in packed up and my clicker said 100 pound and so did my neighbors but I had a few in the silvers net and I have been known to under click mind not purposely mind you πŸ˜ƒ. So me and my next door neighbour had to weigh our 10 peg section in me first 150.3 oz Christ didn't think I had that much there's no net limits at barston just split your silvers and carp and be sensible (not over a tonish) I struggled lifting one of my nets out which turned out I had 90 odd pound in πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š. On to next door and his clicker worked better than mine 101 he had and then the weights diminished down the section 
So some pics and back to the club house word was there was 200 pound the other side so I thought I was knowhere near really just the section but speaking to some of the others they said u got second and so it turned out I did was very happy with that picked up £170 quid and qualified for British pole champs that will do nicely had a chat with mark wynne who also won his section and Jon wincup and on me merry way home tunes on loud singing away pretty much all the way home couldn't believe it my biggest achievement in match fishing only in my 3rd year of senior match angling and loving every minute πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ just goes to prove a bit of self belief and a good peg is all it takes one thing I have learned is these big matches can be very much on the draw but u still gotta catch them.
And this is to all the people that whisper behind my back including some friends (don't know why he bothers doing them big matches ) waste of money and time πŸ–•πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚but also a big thank you to all the people I've fished with an against the last few years because I've probably learnt something new every match πŸ‘πŸ‘. Anyway back to reality Monday night small silvers knock up with me pals beaming with confidence I did rubbish had 6 pound lol including a big gold fish and big hybrid but had some good banter I was still buzzing and still am from barston. And looking forward to British pole champs at hayfield Doncaster. Thank you all for reading and all the comments and likes on my fb page tight lines hope everyone had a great weekend 

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Shiplate mainlake open

Finally managed to get on a shiplate open for there late start late finish match on Sunday. There was talks before the match of records being broken and all sorts usual bit of banter with venue regular steve Howell or Jamie Hughes as I call him!!!!! Nice chat with dave white dave romain and Mark wynne trying to get some info for next week at barston they were very helpful and friendly as usual. So in to the draw peg 4 titch Williams won if there on Thursday before so bit of pressure plan was fish the tip long with method feeder and edge line .at the all in I fed my edge and pinged some caster at top 5 and then chucked the feeder out with nothing to show for it after an hour I tried my caster line Rudd Rudd and Rudd so left that alone then went down the right in front of the tree and started catching and losing carp big ones too !!! I've caught on the deck and shallow there I couldn't keep them
Up or down probably something to do with my feeding pattern πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” but decided that was my best line stayed there most of the day come the end I've weighed 90.6 for knowhere really but an enjoyable day and learnt a bit I've lost probably 10 to 15 big fish today some foul hookers and some me pulling too hard 😑😑😑😑😫😫😫. Oh well it was a learner well done to mark wynne who took the match record 258 pound and all the framers. I had to give a pound to pagey who had 134 pound off peg 1 but he had a few pound deducted cos he went over in his netπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
I've not done any blogs lately as not too much to report I qualified for sedges top kit final and had 2 Sundays off but been getting my fix Monday nights me and few mates been having some small knock ups at Ambleside the first one I scraped 26 pound together for second I think no money😫😫 2nd one I won with 46 pound and last night won again with 34 pound!!! But that's just a bit of fun with some good mates. Roll on barston mmt Sunday get my ass whipped by the pros but u never know one day I may draw on some fish and not mess it up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Psv landsend lake 3 and final evening sweep summerlane

Well Saturday watched the fisho final and watching Jamie hughes and Andy power come back got me in the mood but struggled to get on the ever popular shiplate fishery match which was full and the hls match at viaduct so was scratching so messaged me mucker steve burgess of the Psv club and got on there match at landsend haven't been there for a while. So into the draw pulled 70 in the corner.it was solid with fish cruising everywhere I thought I'm gonna empty it!!! Had a pound with young Ryan who was in the corner opposite and we had a bit banter took some tips the night before from venue expert russ peck so long story short I've tried mugging them in different ways slapping blind cad potting across and paste down the edges best lines were paste down the edges I've caught and lost fish and rigs down the left so moved away a bit then landed some very small carp from there then the right was the best but lost a few before putting some fish together in the last hour. I thought I had about 30 pound come the whistle but was a very tough day at 1 o clock I was nearly tying a noose and heading for a high tree.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚so I decided to help with the weighing being a guest and it appeared that most had a struggle with a chap called Bryan running away with the match weighing 113 pound. Think Ryan had around 60 pound and took my pound with pleasure !!!! Finally the scales reached me and to my surprise I put 40 pound 4 oz on and just scraped 4th place and got my money back bargain. On to the next one!!!
Summerlane finale evening sweep series anything could happen Ron stark was winning with 5 points and myself and 2 pals were joint second goin into the match I had high hopes for a good draw and get amongst the skimmers at the draw I pulled 12 and as soon as I told Mark Thorne he ran off to his peg 11 in my section like a maniac he was faster than ussain bolt and Linford Christy shouting abuse at me telling me to shine my pound and I got no chance. !!! The way he went on I really wanted to beat him now!!! Gone in on worm over caster gb and chop worm and it buried straight away and I safely netted a skimmer around a pound I thought let's have it I'm gonna empty it and beat thorney. But after a small roach or 2 and not a lot else it died and I struggled to get anything but small roach and eel and another small skimmer. I really struggled and feared the worsed and was right thorney won the section and Ron won his so I was left with some more abuse from thorney and give him my pound !!!!!! Lee des Phillips had to give me pound tho so not all was lost!!!! But my top 3 finish was gone 😫😫😫😫never mind that's fishing it's been tough fishing this year but rewarding at the same time and the way Ron ran it was good keeping quite a few in with a shout the presentation was made over the harvester with some good banter and laughs. 
The top 3 deserved winners kindly sponsored by local tackle shop fishing tackle warehouse big thanks to gav and dan and middy 
Good close matches with lots of banter and a great bunch of lads Sunday sees me at sedges on the top kit series and Monday night knock up at Ambleside. Thanks for reading until next time hope everyone caught a few !!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ£πŸŽ£πŸŽ£πŸŽ£πŸŽ£πŸŽ£

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Acorn Thursday evening match

After missing two weeks decided to go to the last one so layed the £ challenge down to toby he accepted and on arrival Ivan currie fancied a pound and Johnson and mark Thorne 🀞🀞🀞into the draw I've pulled 24 not where I wanted and the peg looked Barron!!!!! But while setting up started to see signs of fish.  Plan was usual caster Shalla  at top 5/6 two edges at top 4 with mags over gb and an across line if I was struggling. Think there was 16 fishing tonight. At the all in fed the edges and started pinging caster in like a machine πŸ’ͺ straight down the edge 5 mags on a 16 guru xs and after 5 mins was playing one. Stayed down the edges for first hour putting around 20 pound in the net had roach perch crucians and carp lovely by this time the caster line was like a bubble bath and could see the odd fish there ITS TIME!!!! So went on it and never looked back really it wasn't fast and furious just steady putting a few in the net but the rain killed it a bit and I ran out of caster so I had to go back to my edges just taking odd fish out the right margin on mags over gb didn't catch fish down the left not sure why cos they were there. At the whistle I thought I had 60 to 70 pound. Didn't think anyone had emptied it so thought I may scrape in the money!!!! I went to the weigh in as approached mark bromsgrove and he had 74 pound odd and was leading oooohhhh was gonna be tight sam didn't weigh in toby had 30 odd Ivan had 40 ish I think so that was 3 lovely pound coins πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ I weighed in 73.12 then round to mark Thorne and I think he put 73.4 on so not enough and another lovely pound from him on to walshy and chapman those two were close mike chapman on the golden peg won with 80 pound Walshy just behind then mark bromsgrove then me gutted just missed the money again but got a few nuggets of me mates and another lovely 3 hours fishing and bit of banter !!!! 
Sunday not fishing πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺand Monday night sees the penultimate round of the Weston aa summerlane series where it is still all to play for.. thanks for reading hope everyone has a great weekend.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Bits and bobs been here and there!!

Well sorry for lack of blogs I've been out a few times but had a lot on lately!!! Anyway couple of Sundays ago on the 18th June went to Evesham for the Wychavon qualifier with Sam Johnson it's nice to get on natural venues now and then. Anyway turned out there was 83 fishing and it had fished hard on the Saturday. So we got into the draw early and I pulled 18 a couple up from the bridge in the town.for company had tom scholey from catch more media on 19 had a chat with him really nice guy. Didn't know anyone else and Sam drew the complete opposite end up in the 80s somewhere. Looking at Saturday's results my peg weighed in a pound so I wasn't over joyed with confidence but you never know  I had a load of Lilly's and cabbages in front of me and it was scorching red hot. Long story short I was sweating my nut off and working really hard for small perch and a couple of roach didn't feel I was going anywhere and I wanted to qualify so I went out on the gb feeder hoping for something bigger but it never happened tom scholey to my right weighed 2.6 pound and chap to my left 4 pound I weighed in a pitiful 10 oz in my peg was a nightmare I had a family picnicking behind me and loadsa people and dogs running a round kids throwing stuff in but oh well something different after I weighed made a very quick exit back down the m5 !!!!!!
Then on to Monday night evening sweep down summerlane drew peg 3 and to be honest fancied it for a few but ended up having a very stressful evening bumping and losing carp under the tree down my right hand side it was so frustrating as I had enough bumped and lost enough fish to easily win the match!!! But Jerry day had a good laugh watching me f  ing and blinding. That was the end of that. 
Then Thursday was are away day at Walters lake south cerney. Was really hoping for a nice day fishing relaxing never seen the place before I drew 7 blue on arrival was faced with some splashing carp at 17.5 m across
 I didn't wanna fish long on pole so opted for small method across, caster shallow at top 6 and my two edges.hour in and I hadn't had a bite except liners on method. Saw a few fish on my caster line tried it to no avail but was getting signs of fish but they wouldn't take the bait. I was now scratching my head so set a bottom line up there where I had been feeding for silvers and knocked up some gb and it was a mare every time I went on the deep rig there was fish shallow so switch to the shallow rig nothing changed baits hooks and all sorts I did finally hook one that pinged off then I had a small roach!!! Seemed every one was struggling it was now the last hour and I'd had 1 roach it was embarrassing but edge time gone down the left on the paste couple of twitches and buried and was finally playing a nice fish about 7 pound gone straight in again and I foul hooked another and that was it game over another tough session😑😑😑I'd really had enough now but we went for a carvery after and had some nice grub and some good banter.
So after having 3 bad matches in a row weekend off the fishing to get over the stress !!!!!! 
So Sunday night after kids gone to bed sort my kit for Monday night silvers only summerlane evening sweep done some expanders made 3 rigs and tied 20 hooklengths up on the gizmo zt pro hook tyer which is an awesome bit of kit. At the draw I kept pretty quite for a change and stayed back till the end second from last choice peg 18 carp flyer !!! Ere we go again I thought! On arrival at the peg there was big plooms of mud coming up all over the peg and it was like a bubble bath of carp soup 😑😑😑 so anyway stick to the plan 11 m straight out gb caster worm to the right expander over micro and maggot on the drop at 6m to the right. First put in float buried carp giving me the right run around on yellow hydro and 0.11 bottom but got it in and it was foul hooked in the pec !!!! Second drop carp bloody hell. So tried the expander line one small roach the bubbling had calmed down back on to the worm and had 3 boot lace eels and a skimmer. Christopher the jinx zackacs popped by and while he was there all I did was bump and lose fish so he chipped off then I had a couple but was slow put a couple of roach in the net on the mags and lost 2 carp bloody things !!!! Last ten mins back on the worm line carp then another I just pulled hard for a break and they abliged it was now 13 mins past 9 I needed more straight away had a skimmer without baiting or anything straight back out quick as possible and had another one just as I un hooked the fish all in was called at 9:15 what a frantic end to the match wish I could of carried on. I ended up with 5 skimmers and some bits to just win my section by 8 oz thank god as I needed a result and it does pay never give up 7.10 was my weight and that was 3rd on the night needed that as my pound coins have been going astray lately but managed to claw a few back.😜😜here's the standings in our little series with 2 matches left it's all to play for 
 Thanks for reading hopefully start getting amongst it again now !!!!!!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Brief summary sedges top kit and summerlane evening silvers

Right on Sunday it was sedges rnd 2 top kit series was hoping for another flyer in the shape of a corner peg as I won the first round from peg 40. So into the draw peg 35 bang in the middle 😑😑 plan was meat down the left by the tree pellet over pellet in front and all sorts down the right !! Had wind blowing in my face all day making presentation difficult but I soldiered on!!! After hooking the near shelf several times in the first hour pretty much biteless didn't know what to do !!!! As u don't have many options on just a top kit !!! After watching Ron stark have a busy first hour I was tearing my hair out. Tried my edges nothing doing so re plumbed come up the shelf a bit and started throwing pellets regular and started to get a few bites missed one then had a skimmer and a couple of small roach then a carp in the tail !!!!! Just stuck on that line pretty much had a few lifting and dropping they were shallow cos kept getting liners and foul hookers but when I went shallow couldn't get a bite so just kept lifting and dropping in the last 30 mins it was solid but too late I had a nice tench down the edge on punch meat and that was it!!! So I weighed in a pretty poor 33.10 oz for knowhere I didn't hang about paid jonny page a pound and chipped off Jamie cook won off 21. Don't know how many points I got but 5th had 55 pound so guessing around 10th ish out of 20 so onto the next one oh there was no moaning from Jon fuidge this week he was out of hearing range today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.but he did beat me !!! Well done to all 🎣🎣🎣🎣🐟🐟
So summerlane evening series on Monday night 15 fishing so good turnout won me section last week so was hoping same again I drew peg 7 which is good silvers peg I was happy with that but had a tough section with venue expert mark Thorne on 9 martin hale on 10 shaun partridge on 20 and Martin Silcox on 10. Good banter flying round all evening at the all in I wasn't ready I set up 2 rigs and wanted to set feeder up but didn't cos lack of time that was my first mistake !!!
Then I've sat on expanders for 20 mins missed a couple bites second mistake!!!
Then went on my gb worm and caster line had nice perch lovely then some small roach and finally a proper skimmer but couldn't keep them coming I've had a couple more eventually between landing and losing some big carp !!! Then the eels moved in foul hooked one then one in the mouth and then lost one to the silt 😑😑hopefully my few bits would be enough 😱😱😱🀞🀞🀞but it wasn't Martin hale won the match with 10 pound odd mark had 9 odd shaun pipped me by 10 oz I think so I only beat one in my five pegs with 7.3 😑😑😑oh well that's my dropper but learnt a bit for 2 weeks Time thanks to golly who lent me a bag of gb and dan and gav at fishing tackle warehouse for the quality serviceπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œalso thanks to matt Thomas for another pound and lee Phillips but had to give one to the summerlane smasher mark Thorne !!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚thanks for reading onwards and upwards might go acorn Thursday night but not sure as going Evesham Sunday for a nice change on the Wychavon qualifier bit of river fishing hopefully fluke a result would be nice 😜😜

Friday, 9 June 2017

Acorn evening match 6

Well after last weeks win was keen as mustard to get back to the lovely acorn fishery shame the traffic was a mare but made it in the end with a few mins to spare. Wasn't to sure how it would fish but plan was simple fish maggot and gb down the edges and trusty caster at top 5. 12 fishing tonight so not the great turn out of last week but still a nice lil comp plenty of space.couple of lads I know Lewis one leg jones was helped to his peg by his mate. And lee Phillips and the regular crowd pretty much!!!! In to the draw and I've pulled peg 12 where I drew in the 1st match and got battered either side by bartman and paul Nichols.hopefully do better Lewis jones drew the peg I won from last week so was a bit worried as he's been known to catch a few round the south west !!!!!!
 Weather didn't know what it was doing wind rain sun everything was in the mix. At the all in I've fed my lines pinged a few caster. And gone straight in shallow on the caster I did this as there seemed to be fish around but I was biteless for ten mins until I swung in a lil roach not what I was after I should of left it and fished the edges first but there was signs of fish so I perserveered on the caster shallow line. Started getting the odd fish but dangerous dan on 10 was having a few on the method !!!! By the first hour I probably had 20 pound they didn't seem to want it but they were there so I just carried on changing depths from 6 inches all the way to 2ft but when I went deeper just had liners and small roach. Adrian mercato and his lad come and sat behind me for a while so a good chat and laugh and a few more were caught and a couple of foul hookers lost 😑😑😑never mind I went down my edges a few times only getting liners and a couple of foul hookers.in to the last hour now and the wind died and an abundance of scum came and settled infront of me and the carp just seemed to be slurping it off the surface so when in reach I dropped my bait in there mouths or just in front and it was nailed a few times even picked off a nice ghosty that way. Dan seemed to slow down not saw him net much but kev perry on 8 looked like he was bagging. At the all out I guessed on 50 pound but wasn't sure so let adge have a sit and dangle on me pole while I packed up!!! Didn't think I'd be close. But I had to wait till last to find out!!! Thanks toby Parker lol!!! So packed up and followed the weigh in looked like most struggled but everyone caught fish we got round to Lewis jones and he put 67 pound on the scales and I didn't think I had that well done mate I said it's awesome fishing for 3 hours. Then chris fox had 92.13 I definitely didn't have that and then kev perry put 94.12 on to win the match. Then it was my turn i put on 71.01 oz on for 3rd quite happy with that shame I didn't get in the money but oh well. Well done to the two that beat me by a good 20 pound odd and well done to all that fished except pal lee Phillips who had a mare and had to give me another pound πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ cheers mate . Sunday I will be at sedges hoping for a flyer again in the top kit series. 🎣🎣🎣🎣thanks for reading πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘