Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Maver match this qualifier barston

Well I booked on this match a few months ago after selling some old gear. Was my 3rd big money qualifier of the year.on arrival was a bit over whelmed with the size of the lake never fished anywhere that big!!!i must say it was stunning. So bit of banter with ray bass and a quick look at the lake. Waiting for the draw needed a go on me puffer so went outside and bumped into James dent said hello then lee Kerry appeared from knowhere so I nodded and said mr Kerry !!!!!
Any way back in the que maver man Andy kinder in front and ray said where do u wanna draw and he said 124 so then he's picked a much lower number out and I've pulled 124 and showed him he said good luck u gotta chance from there.. no pressure then !!!

There it is end peg with a lot of unfishable water to the right. Didn't get the pole out had 4 rods set up pellet wag long method short bomb and cage feeder!!! I had a whole host of baits made up gb micro 8mm pellet caster 6mm pellet worm and corn. But I could see fish moving just off the end of the right hand bank which juts out a fair way. At the all in I've chucked the pellet wag at the fish about 25 to 30 m and pinging 8mms like a machine. But didn't have a bite 10 mins ray king next door netted a lump on the wag. I thought sod this il keep pinging and chuck the bomb over it 8mm pellet wrapped in speacial g green paste conker style 3 mins and it wrapped round come on played it gently and eventually eased a nice plump 8 pounder in the net so that settled the nerves and eased the pressure. I pretty much did not stop feeding 8mms with the catty on this line. Next chuck skimmer skimmer then carp carp carp it just kept going round and they fight like stink in the first hour I put just under 40 pound in the net I thought this is it😎😎but bites slowed up a lil bit then not too bad tho I was getting weird little bites then all of a sudden had a proper wrap round and it felt big just plodding around then at the net a proper munter popped up it barely fitted in the net it was around 18 to 22 pound I had to wrestle with it in my landing net to get the hook out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚anyway the bites seemed to take forever and I thought if it don't go round il go long method but it just kept going round from 12oz to 3 pound skimmers small f1 s around 2 pound which one of them I turned round to get more pellet turned back and me rod was being pulled off the rest and carp from 2 to 12 pound. Absolutely awesome me and the chap next door had some good banter all day asking how much we had on are clickers and commenting about splashing carp. I did lose 3 fish one of which tore off left into his peg but I couldn't do anything about it. Another one hook pulled and the last one just went like a steam train to the right and snapped my hooklength😑😑😑with 10 mins left I didnt want to waste anytime putting a new one on so tried to chuck the Dutch master short which was a task in itself but dropped it in where I was feeding all day and it went round 2 more times for another 6pound in the net.
At the all in packed up and my clicker said 100 pound and so did my neighbors but I had a few in the silvers net and I have been known to under click mind not purposely mind you πŸ˜ƒ. So me and my next door neighbour had to weigh our 10 peg section in me first 150.3 oz Christ didn't think I had that much there's no net limits at barston just split your silvers and carp and be sensible (not over a tonish) I struggled lifting one of my nets out which turned out I had 90 odd pound in πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š. On to next door and his clicker worked better than mine 101 he had and then the weights diminished down the section 
So some pics and back to the club house word was there was 200 pound the other side so I thought I was knowhere near really just the section but speaking to some of the others they said u got second and so it turned out I did was very happy with that picked up £170 quid and qualified for British pole champs that will do nicely had a chat with mark wynne who also won his section and Jon wincup and on me merry way home tunes on loud singing away pretty much all the way home couldn't believe it my biggest achievement in match fishing only in my 3rd year of senior match angling and loving every minute πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ just goes to prove a bit of self belief and a good peg is all it takes one thing I have learned is these big matches can be very much on the draw but u still gotta catch them.
And this is to all the people that whisper behind my back including some friends (don't know why he bothers doing them big matches ) waste of money and time πŸ–•πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚but also a big thank you to all the people I've fished with an against the last few years because I've probably learnt something new every match πŸ‘πŸ‘. Anyway back to reality Monday night small silvers knock up with me pals beaming with confidence I did rubbish had 6 pound lol including a big gold fish and big hybrid but had some good banter I was still buzzing and still am from barston. And looking forward to British pole champs at hayfield Doncaster. Thank you all for reading and all the comments and likes on my fb page tight lines hope everyone had a great weekend 

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  1. Well done, drew the peg and did the business, can't do any more.good luck in the final